About Us

Proudly promoting European standards

Korssé Principles

Established in the early 2000s, Korssé was founded with three fundamental building-blocks in mind:

Upmost Quality

Innovations, productions, construction projects are all the backbones of technological, structural and human well-being advances. None of this can be achieved without reliable, efficient, high quality supplies and raw materials. Korssé believes in pursuing upmost quality for the greater good; we supply the best, for the future.

Budget Efficiency

Maintaining productions and advancing projects require the right budget. We aim to meet the needs of every customers, providing the best alternatives within their budget. Korssé believes in efficiency; no overpricing, no quality deficiencies, always the right material at the right price.

Global Perspective

How do we achieve a precise balance between our quality and budget principles? Simple; it’s all about thinking from a global perspective. Korssé is all about being global, we span across borders; Korssé doesn’t come from a single factory from a particular area, our facilities are around the globe. Never ending innovation for the most efficient productions and procurement lines is what defines us.

Advanced materials for efficient solutions.